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Scanning Negatives?

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  • Scanning Negatives?

    Hello everyone, I've been lurking for awhile and I'm a budding photo resto specialis hopefully, I enjoy it.

    What I was wondering was is it possible to scan a negative on a regular scanner without a negative attachment?

    Anyone know how to do this, including glass negatives?



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    Their is some discussion of this over in the Input/Output forum, but as I recall the outcome wasn't too hopeful without some additional expense or at least the construction of some sort of reflector.

    In scanners with a transparency adapter the scanning light under the glass turns off. You'd be needing it to be reflected back through your image, so you'd be getting front reflection and rear transmission.

    But don't let me discourage you. Take a look at some of the ideas in the other forum, try some of your own (an aluminum-foil tent maybe?) and report back on your progress.

    You aren't alone in your interest in this.
    Learn by teaching
    Take responsibility for learning


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      A good site for scan info is There is a section about scanning slides or negatives too. I tried different methods. Firstly I used the white tentlike structure that is described on some sides. It works but the result is not good enough for me. It is made from sturdy white paper. Two years ago I could buy an agfa e52 scanner with an adapter for slides and negatives. I didn’t find the quality too good either. Then I tried taking pictures from the slides that were shown on a screen with my digital camera. This worked reasonable but when you are not dead in front of the screen the lighting is uneven. Our screen had been rolled up for too long to because a lot of horizontal lines were showing in the captured slide. The last thing I tried was using a light box my husband brought home years ago after refurbishing a shop. There are three tube lamps inside. We mounted the light box vertical and he made a holder to keep my slides at the same place. I taped some diffuser plastic over the scarred glass and taped black paper all around it and shot away. I use my camera raw-settings so I can still change the color temperature. I still have some different things to try there but for met this is by far the best method. If I can upload some pics (Ooh this is my first time) you can see a pic from the tentlike structure an a pic I took with my camera (due to the scaling down the actual image is much better) from a slid from 1976.
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        me again with the second pic: this is the photgraphed slide
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          This is very good information. Thank you, Gina.
          Learn by teaching
          Take responsibility for learning


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            Great Information, I appreciate the help.


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