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  • Creating texture screens


    In a book I was looking at, one of the chapters talked about digital texture screens. I downloaded a trial screen from named " Etch Tone Filter" but although I see it in the plug in directory I can't seem to make it do anything. I usually don't have a problem with stuff like that but this one is perplexing me.

    Also, I'm wondering if there is any tutorial somewhere about creating texture screens. What I'd like to create is some kind of cracked oil texture like in the old masters paintings.



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    BTW -- folks -- the link to Andromeda will work if you take out the extra "i" (Andromeda, not Andromedia).

    Since it's a demo, and has the "OK" button grayed out, it is hard to get a good idea of how it will affect an image. I gave it a try -- it was available in my dropdown list of filters, (after restarting PShop) and would open up to what looked like an ad for the company -- after I clicked on the Etchtone filter demo name (inside the rectangle), it opened up to show two windows - one for the original image you are working on (left side), and one to show the effects of the filter as you adjust the sliders for contrast etc. -- AFTER you choose either the "Blend" or "Overlay" box in the center of the filter box. (I think that is necessary).

    I remember looking at this last year sometime and loving the look of the metal on those spurs in their ad. Seems we could create something like that if we tried... It's a beautiful look, but $98 is a lot of money.... but it sure is a beautiful look...


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      Thanks for the link correction.
      When I go to open the filter I get the company ad but then it tells me that the filter is not where it should be . I'll fool around with it some more tomorrow. I agree that the price is abit high and I'm wondering just how hard it would be to create something. Guess the place to start would be the texturizer filter and perhaps start with some cross hatching or something.



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        When I go to open the filter I get the company ad but then it tells me that the filter is not where it should be
        I'm on a PC, and my filter is located in Programs-->Adobe->Photoshop7-->Plugins-->Filters

        I'll bet we can come up with something pretty good on our own... I think.


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