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Re-colored photograph

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  • Re-colored photograph

    I just liked how this one turned out and thought I would share. FYI I used Adobe Photoshop, Channel Mixer to create the BW. I then made an empty layer and used a brush on the color. I then set the layer on "Overlay".

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    Nicely done Suzanne, I'm assuming you painted with black and white since the final photo is black and white (or is the colored one missing?)

    I will have to try your technique to fix some of the washed out photos I have been trying to restore.

    Nicely done. Margaret


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      Re: Re-colored photograph

      The colored photograph is on the end. The black and white is in the middle. Interesting idea about painting in black and white though, but I did paint in color. But when you place the layer on "overlay" it blends the color in and makes it look more natural. Also, I did not color the entire image, just the boy, the dog, and the grass.


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