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  • Eyelashes

    I'm fishing about for some different techiques for illustrating eyelashes on photographs. I have my own way which involves hand illustrating using my tablet, making duplicate layers, gaussian blurs, transparencies...etc., but I just want to check to see if anyone had any tricks that were a bit more simple.

    thanks so much


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    I would like to know some more for this as well.

    I also draw the eyelashes in with my tablet, then blur, add more layers, etc. Another thing I do is search for images on the web (Google's image search) for pictures of eyelashes. I basically just steal them from someone else... that's my best technique so far, haha! It works out really well for me


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      By the way grafx, I just checked out your website and you do an unbelievable job at photo retouching! That is my ultimate career goal...! I would love to know how you do such a great job on the shading of the face ( That is the hardest part for me.


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        I am no expert at drawing - but with what I do I have been having a lot of luck with the liquify tool. Even if I nudge one way and then back to where it was it seems to change the pixels into something that becomes part of the image. I have evened and unified the shape of eyelashes with it. If you first select an area with the square marqee tool it will only load that area and will run faster.



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          enhancing eye lashes, hair, eyes, lips

          I just learned this in PS for Photographers workshop in LA Thurs.
          Create a curves adjustment layer, target the hair comd click/ctrl click on hair and darken until it is as dark as you would want any part of it to be.
          Fill mask with black.
          Get a paintbrush at low opacity (10-20) with a tiny brush paint across each eye lash to darken also works well on edge of eyes, lips.
          Use a large soft brush to add contrast to peoples hair.


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            I like using an overlay neutral layer (check the box to fill with %50 grey). Then paint on the layer with pure black at a low opacity to build up the eyelashes.