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    Here's our termite picture!

    It was larger than what I had expected and the customer only wanted an 8x10 so I had to scan it in two sections since my scanner maxes out at letter size.

    I cringed throughout the whole process just sure a bug was going to crawl out....

    Anyway thought you might want to see it since we had talked about it a bit.
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    Thanks I did wonder about how this came out

    I applaud not only your courage but your excellent job of restoring the picture. And not a bug to be found in the restoration. Did you charge extra for bug extermination?


    • #3
      Jeepers, that's good work!
      Learn by teaching
      Take responsibility for learning


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        Thanks DJ and Doug,

        And no DJ..I forgot to add extermination to the bill...LOL.

        Thanks for the compliments...this was my first "bug" restoration so wasn't sure what to expect.


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          Now I know who to call if I get "bugs". Nice job Chris.



          • #6
            OH no Ed,

            I can honestly say that everyone should experience the scanning of the bug damage and fix it..LOL.

            Just ads to the experiences in life!


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              A really nice restoration job Chris. I'm impressed, bugs and all


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                Very nice job! You really got the bugs out. Tom


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                  Thanks Roger and Tom,

                  I don't care to do another one of these real soon..hope the word doesn't get out that I do "bugs"..LOL.


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