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  • curves

    Hi guys, maybe someone can help me, when I bring up the Curves box in PS7, there are no grid lines showing in the box, does anyone know how to get the grid lines back - New to photoshop. please help - John.

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    I'm afraid I've never heard of that one. It sounds like a video problem, but you could try clearing your preferences (hold down ctrl+alt+shift while starting PS).

    Also, does holding down the alt key and clicking inside the curves area (where the grid lines should be) do anything?
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      Have you seen grid lines there before? This sounds like a problem beyond just a setting?

      But try this. Alt-Click on the curves area and see what happens. Alt-Clicking changes the density of the grid, and maybe it will bring the grid back.


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        Thanks for your advice guys, I have tried your suggestions before but can't get no grid lines in curves.
        I've tried clearing the preferences and Alt Click, I've never seen any grid lines on curves, everything else seems to be just fine, go figure. I can get by without the grid lines, no big deal, thanks for your time - regards John -


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