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  • Digital backgrounds

    I use a technique by Martin Evening. It's in his book Adobe Photoshop 7.0 for Photographers. I use digital backgrounds and people love it. Here are some samples,hope you enjoy.

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    Welcome aboard! Either you forgot to attach the image, or it didn't go through. File size is usually too large when it can't be posted.



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      I don't know how to post pictures


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        You can attach it from the message page itself. Below the text box that you type in,there are options.Below the options, there is a attach-file box. You click on the browse button to locate the image on your cmputer and upload it.


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          This is done with a digital BackGround
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            I personally dont care for that background. Dont get me wrong, I think it looks great. Good depth and good use of color but not as a photo background.
            I would love to know how you made it. Can you tell us?


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              I forgot the name of the CDs but I have 6CDs of BGs


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                Im currious, do you do that with blue or green screen backgrounds? How do you shoot the image in order to remove the original background or do you just do it the old fashion way?

                If its the old fashion way (remove by hand with extract or the like) then why not use a green or blue screen?



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                  I shoot on a white BG, and I don't cut them out I mask the subject and paste the BG on top of the subject.
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                    More Samples
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