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  • Thumbprint and Brightness

    I'm retouching this photo for a friend and am just looking for some advice to remove the brightness in the one area.

    I've cloned the area where the fingerprint is but just cant seen get get the brightness gone from the lower left area.

    Any Tips?

    url is down in a lower post

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    I've got my rendition of the image I'll post later to get some criticism.


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      When I click on the link, I get the "page cannot be displayed" message.



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        Here is the Pic again...sorry

        The Picture

        Thanks for looking.


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          Thumbprint & Brightness

          Hi DjKohn

          I couldn't find the thumbprint. I assume you had already removed it.
          Trying to remove bright blowouts like that is tough. I could only do so much with curves, levels and contrast controls. As you can see, I cropped down to only the essential subjects. That eliminated about half of the bright damage. The rest of the work was cut and paste and cut and paste and cut and paste. The vivid colors and patterns on the ladies dress was the life saver for this photo and I. The toughest part of this challenge was rebuilding the baby's right arm. I am still not satisfied with the result, but ran out of time and expertise. I ended up cutting and pasteing part of the upper arm, free transforming, rotating, reducing, skewing and finished off with the clone and healing brush.

          Am I right in assuming the two subjects behind grandpa came from another photo? If so, good job matching tones and colors with the originals.
          The only thing that was left to do with the rest of the photo was select areas that were contrasting in brightness and making small adjustments. It is a good high resolution image. I was able to give it a good punch with unsharp mask with out blaring or pixelating.

          Hope this helps. Would like to see what you were able to do with it.


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            Thumbprint & Brightness


            File too big. Still trying.
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              By the time I got the file down to a size that would permit it to post, its a postage stamp. I am open for suggestions.


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                In PS, Click Image, then Image Size. Select constrain proportions and resample - Bicubic. Then set the resolution to 72 and the largest dimension to 600 pixels. Click Okay.

                Now this is the most important part. :-) Click File, then Save for web. Click on the right arrow that is just below and to the right of the Done button. Select Optimize to File Size. Set desired File Size to 100K (this is the largest file size you can post here). Click Okay. When the image is optimized, click Save. That's it. This process should give you an acceptable sized image with reasonable quality.



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                  Thumbprint & Brightness


                  Catia to the rescue. I don't do a lot of web posting, so my ignorance showed. But I do learn from my mistakes.
                  It would be nice if we could post at least 350k. Sure could see a lot more detail. DjKohn's file was 339K.

                  Thanks much for your help.
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                    Very nicely done, could you post what steps you took.
                    And no I didnt add the other 2 people to the pic, it was a taken pic just like this.

                    The areas I would like to know what you did, is the babies arm, my bad area, and the lightness what you did. I have tried just doesnt look great yet.



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                      Thumbnail and Brightness


                      Lets start with the bright light. I do not know of a technique that will tone down or eliminate that bright ball without overlaying some object over it or hide it. I am sure there is some talent on this site that can accomplish it. I have not progressed that far. The first step I took was to crop in from both sides of the image to eliminate as much of the bright spot up to the ladies right side and taking away just a little of her hand and arm. I did the same on the right side up to grandpa’s left sleeve to even out the image. Then I did a Layer/New Adjustment Layer/Curves, levels, Hue & Saturation, bright and contrast on the whole image to bring the areas that were not affected by the bright over splash to good resolution. Then I started working right to left, from the good to the bad to eliminate as much of the over splash as I could before starting the cut and paste. Using the lasso tools, I selected small areas, like the right side of grandpa’s shirt, punched in a feather factor of four, went to Curves and gently nudged the graph line to slightly darken the area to bring it in line with the rest of the shirt. I did the same with the baby. From the baby’s right arm over to the left and the bottom half of the ladies dress is where I started to cut and paste. Using the lasso tool, I selected the top patterns of the ladies dress that were in good shape, feathered the selections to soften perimeter lines, did a Layer/New/ Layer Via Copy and dragged the good pattern down and over the light ball and over splash. Lowered the opacity just enough to erase overlap until it fit nicely. I did this as many times as needed to cover the offending light and over splash.

                      The baby’s arm: I didn’t spend as much time as I should have on the arm. You can do better. Using the lasso tool, I selected the entire bicep from the elbow to the shoulder. Feathered, layer via copy and dragged it off to the side so it could be operated on. Went to the Marquee and selected the rectangular tool. Drew a box around the arm part, then Edit/Free Transform. Using the tools in the Free Transform command, I rotated, stretched and formed the lower arm. Placed it over the baby’s existing arm. Lowered opacity to erase overlap, selected the wrist/hand and moved it forward. Then I finished off with the clone and healing brush to even skin tones. This is where I failed to follow through. If you zoom in, you can see pixilation and unnatural looking skin tones. Over all, I ended up with around thirty five layers. The rest of the project was overall light and color corrections.

                      This is the way I did it. Believe it or not, this is as brief as I could make it and still get the points across. There is a lot of talent on this site that can do a lot better. Hope this helps.


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                        I like what you did, uwbpet! A bit oversharpened, maybe, but you really managed to eliminate that 'bright ball'

                        Uneven exposure and moiré pattern are, for me, among the most difficult problems to correct!


                        I had a go at your picture and here is what I did:

                        1) Use two Levels Adjustment Layers (both with a gradient Layer mask), to correct the 'bright ball' and lift the heavy shadows.

                        2) Created a new Layer (Blending set to Soft Light), and with a fuzzy, White Brush (Opacity 10-20%), I painted on the still very dark areas of the picture to further fade the shadows.

                        3) Loosely selected the faded area and used the Curves to darken the midtones.

                        4) Used the 'Layer via Copy' technique and Clone Tool with the Lady's dress (bottom left corner).

                        5) Used the Clone Tool on the Baby's arm (reconstructing is definitely not my cup of tea!!! )

                        After this it was several Layers (settings: Soft Light, Overlay, Color Burn and Color, adjusting their Opacity as necessary) on which I painted using a fuzzy brush (adjusting its Opacity) to correct or enhance color, ligts and contrast.

                        Finally, I used the USM to slightly sharpen the people only.
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                          Hi Flora

                          Wow! You blew me out of the water. Excellent.

                          I do get carried away with overtones and sharpening almost to the point of paranoia. Looking at the result of your solution, that will ratchet me back in the future. The arm reconstruction with the clone tool is outstanding.

                          DjKohn, it will not get much better than Flora's moves. There is your answer.


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                            Wow, great job you 2, and thanks for the detailed explanations...those are both better than my first try.

                            I will post my retry here when finished...

                            Thanks again.


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                              Thank you so much for your great comment!


                              Thank you very much for your kind words .... Glad you liked it ....


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