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  • Photo Color Manip Tut

    One of many ways to achieve the follwing results...

    An extensive tut on how to manipulate the facial elements in the above picture.

    And using the almighty adjustment layers allows for total control and flexibility without damaging the original pixels.
    A little delve into the use of the Pen Tool for smooth selections and use of the Extract Tool to separate difficult selections. (ie hair)

    hope you enjoy

    Photo Color Manipulation


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    Thanks for the tutorials.

    Would you happen to be the same person who used this photo to demonstrate how to change her hair to blond. I saw this several months ago on, but I could not even begin to figure out how to do it because I had no idea of what the gradient should look like. If you are the same person, or know how that was done, I'd appreciate knowing how to do it.


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      yip thats me

      but the original was from wendy i believe, i added my version to her tut and used a purple theme ( if this is in fact the right one your referring to)

      though this is not the same picture, this and various ways of doing it produce convincing results

      glad it helped



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