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Glowing Pixels In Photo.

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  • Glowing Pixels In Photo.

    I have a photo that I have scanned. It was taken with a 35mm camera. The scan looks just fine until you zoom in, and when you do you start to see these little glowing pixels on the image. I used the healing brush on the image and that did remove them.

    However, I would like to know what would cause them? They were little singel pixels. They appeared to be luminous, not as a pixel imitating a color, but a pixel that was functioning as a light source. Also, they were scattered far from each other, and not clustered together like noise would be.

    What would cause this to happen?

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    Hi Jimmy,

    Are you only able to see it when you zoom in closely? I might be wrong here, but if you can't see them at 100%, I don't think they're actually there. Sometimes strange things happen when you are not viewing the image at 100%. I've had images that actually looked distorted when viewing at other than 100%. And yes, the cloning tool did seem to be doing it's job. It doesn't happen often, but it does happen. I have absolutely no idea why.



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      It only shows when I zoom in. When I am in the normal viewing mode I don't see it, and the closer that I zoom in the more of those glowing pixels I will see.

      If I print the image with those glowing pixels on it, will it show up on the print?

      Also, is this a scanner only phenomenon or does this happen to any kind of image?


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        How odd.

        I just got an e-mail notice saying that catia had just posted a reply in this thread; however, I am here and there is no post for me to view.

        What happened?


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          Hi Jimmy, a picture would have been good...

          Does the problem look similar to this attached pic (400% zoom)?

          Stephen Marsh.
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            Sorry, I posted something on hot pixels but decided it was not that relevant to your problem so I deleted it.



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              If you are talking about those stray single squared pixels, then yes.

              The only difference is your stray pixels are imitating color. Mine glow, as if it were imitating a light source.

              Also, the closer I zoom in the more of them I will see. At 400% zoom I would have seen a lot more.


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                Whew! That is ok then. I was thinking I had lost my mind.

                I thought, "Well, is it really there and I am just not seeing it?"


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                  I don't *think* you'll see it if you print the image. Why don't you print one, then look at it *very* closely? Then let us know for sure if you can see it or not. I still think it's a fluke that shows up at high magnifications. Whether or not this is unique to scanned images, I have no idea.



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                    I found a solution to this problem.

                    To you pro this wont effect the quality of your performance; however, for those of you who can't function if the photo on your screen doesn't look like the photo you scanned. Then here is the solution.

                    If I scan the image at 600 dpi then this phenomenon doesn't occur.

                    Presto! Problem solved.