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  • Not too old photo

    I'm not sure if I should put this here or in Critiques but here it is.

    This is a photo of my grandparents from around 1960 or so. In my second post I'll post what I did. I'd like to know if there was something I could have improved upon. I know that (if you're looking) the cloning on her left sleeve is a little sloppy and that's an area that I need to work on technique. Anything else?

    Here's the scan:
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    and here's what I've done.
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      I think this is a great photo for restoration.
      I think you did a really good job of repairing the image. A couple things I picked out though is the background with texture. I think an out of focus background would have been more natural. The job of replacing the background was well executed but the transition from the womans head to the background seems a touch hard.
      Some of the highlites are burnt out also. I think that maybe you went for a more sharpened look and as it turns out the photo looks like there's too much contrast.
      I think you are on the right path here. I just think it needs some small improvements.


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        I agree, the background will never be as in focus as the foreground else it gives it the 2d unnatural effect. Also, creating a light gradient on the background will make it look more natural. The idea is good. My first reaction was that the texture was made to appear as if the whole print had texture. If any texture would be present (after the above corrections are made) it would more likely be over the entire print as to simulate paper texture, not just background texture.

        As to the rest youve do well with damage correction and color is very good.



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          Here's another background. Thanks for your tips...they help a lot.
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            In terms of the background, I think it looks odd to have it more saturated than the people. Consider doing it about the same or a little less in saturation.


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    's pretty apparent now that you point it out...still more work to do.


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                Beside all the very good points everybody made already, I think that there still is a strong cyan cast particularly on the couple's skin.

                Maybe, it wasn't so obvious with the cyan background, but, in my opinion, it has been emphasized by the orange background.

                Correcting the overall colouring, would give you more choice with the background colour even though, when changing background, I usually tend to keep it in a similar colour range as the original .... I find this helps a lot with the transition.

                I hope you don't mind if I worked a bit on your picture. I'm posting an example of what I did ....
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                  That is excellent Flora. What would be a huge help is to know the steps you took to get these results.


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                    Hi Colin!

                    Thank you very much for your great comment!

                    Here are the steps I took with this image:

                    1) Apply Image to remove the stronger Cyan cast above the Lady's head:

                    Source : Green
                    Target : Red
                    Blending: Lighten
                    Opacity : 100%

                    2) To increase the tone, I created a Luminosity Mask (CTRL+ALT+~ , Feather Radius = 2 Pixels), (CTRL + J)copied it on its own Layer (Blending = Multiply, Opacity = 100%)

                    3) To reveal more details (even more tone), I created a Curves Adjustment Layer to decrease the Shadows and increase the Midtones.
                    (*see attachment)

                    4) Merged Visible.

                    5) The tone was now OK, but the colour was kind of 'muddy' so, I created a second Luminosity Mask (CTRL+ALT+~ , Feather Radius = 2 Pixels), (CTRL + J)copied it on its own Layer (Blending = Normal, Opacity = 100%) and, after pressing the ~ Key to view the full colour preview, I used the Levels on each separate Channel until I was satisfied with the colours.

                    6) Used Blur and Clone Tool to clean up the image.

                    7) Replaced the background with a soft Radial Gradient.

                    8) Created an empty Layer (Blending = Overlay) and with a fuzzy Black and White Brush (Opacity 5 - 10%) , I emphasized different parts of the picture.

                    9) Used the Custom Filter to sharpen the couple only.

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                      Thanks for posting this Flora. Your references to your technique is a valuable resource that I always look forward to reading.


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                        Another fantastic job Flora. Y O U are the greatest.



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                          Colin, Catia,

                          .... Thank you !!!


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                            each word of praise is well deserved; i agree completely. u r genius.

                            i wonder if you can explain the thinking that goes with using apply image, for example - piece has magenta cast there fore i know i should use x channel applied to y channel using z bledning mode to get desired result. did you just learn it hit and miss, or is there a specific recipe? would love a tutorial.

                            i have learned much from you, and thank you bunches.


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                              ... what kathleen said!

                              I have wondered with the consistant sun light and print emulsions if photographic dye layers always faded in the same way ...

                              for instance the blue layer fading, but masked by the green layer, but masked by the red layer ... anyway, by understanding this one might be able to use apply image/blending modes to reverse ... but I am not a scientist and flora, you have again got my curious ...


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