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Help needed in replacing an object's surface!

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  • Help needed in replacing an object's surface!


    as an adult student I've come to a very interesting digital imaging project:

    It includes collecting textures/surfaces ( brick wall. knit or a tree trunk - I do have good high res photos of these textures already).
    Now I am going to shoot some objects ( mugs, cars, sofas, etc.)
    Then I try to transfer/replace these objects' original surface ( porcelaine, steel, upholstery fabric) with these previously shooted textures/surfaces.

    How can I do this with Photoshop?

    The result should look as "natural" as possible. I've seen this done in some ads, very cleverly of course. Trucks elegantly covered with fashion fabric! The "new" surface fits like a glove, folllowing the curves of the car as if it just dropped off the conveyor belt in a car factory!

    I hope I described the problem properly. I have not seen tutorials for this sorta techniques, but if someone knows, please guide me to a rigth direction!
    When I asked this in Dpreview's forum I was guided to a couple of displacement filter tutorials. However, the examples included looked so different than what I'm aiming at.

    This would be a great challenge, by the way?
    Anyone took the bite?


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    Very interresting topic.
    I don't know exactly how it is done but I can imagine it is done with combining the texture you have with a filter and multiple layers.
    You've given me something to scratch my brain with.
    Thanks Alice.


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      This can be done in PhotoShop with displacement maps. If you do a google search on "displacement map tutorial", you will come up with several examples.

      Here is 1. This is a pdf link so sorry if it doesn't work properly...



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        Hi Alice, good selections/masks, blending modes, opacity, blend if sliders, high pass filtering, displacement mapping, liquify or goo and dodge/burn and other shading will all come into use.

        Perhaps look into some of the Photoshop WOW books, they used to be good for ideas like this.

        My links page has links to many of these topics:

        Stephen Marsh.