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    According to the client our lady here wasn’t too big on makeup / like never wore it, but it seems like she had some on the day of this snapshot. Any pointers on making her lips look more neutral? Like I don’t want to remove the lipstick but I don’t want to add color either…ummm. Any advice / food for thought much appreciated. NOTE: If you see edit notes / comments I made to myself in Google Drive, zoom in by one click & the comments disappear, feel free to add any comments there.


    Orig Scan
    Working Progress

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    If you are working in Photoshop I would look at the hue/sat adjustment layer and the selective color adjustment layer - in both you can target just the reds and then of course you can mask to just the lips also, just doesn't have to be a real accurate mask.

    Great job by the way


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      I work in PS 2017. I used both types of adjustment layers for all of the color work, as well as the other adjustment layer options; and yes, more specific ones for the lips. Though, I think at this time (esp. for a makeup edit) I will use Camera Raw for the Adjustments Brush.



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