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Colorizing Floral Dress

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  • Colorizing Floral Dress

    Hi -

    Any tips on coloring the dress of the woman in the middle?
    Note: I did not scan the photo, it was sent to me as a jpeg and I do not have access to the original.


    Thanks & Happy Holidays


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    Hi, alreese83. Using the "Blend If" sliders might help. If you paint the "background colour" of the dress on one layer and then use the Blend If sliders to restrict that colour just to the lighter tones, followed by another colour on a second layer for the darker shapes then use the sliders again on that layer to restrict this second colour to the darker tones that may give you what you need.


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      You could also colour with a gradient map!


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        Thanks for the advice. Both techniques were very helpful, esp. using a gradient, I can't believe I didn't try that before, I use them all the time for skintones. Of course there are things that still need to be done, but yeah, here it is. Though I've done color correction / restoration, I'm a little green to colorizing.


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          Great work but I would say to tone down on the colours


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            Totally agree! I don't have access to the final at this second (here's a version), but I did just that because it looked way too cartoony and fake. I also toned down the smoothing and brought back some of the original textures (that is post heal on major dust & scratches, and color/tone correction). Odd, my previous post has some weird links that I did not add, one in the word course and then in colorizing, wtf!


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