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New to photo restoration and am stuck

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  • Bastbackground
    It's the old pic.And so looking beautiful

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  • Jason Byrne
    Thank you so much for replying. I have done some research and am now very happy with the end results. I just wasn't sure what it was called. Thank you all for helping me out. Really appreciate it



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  • Mike

    The condition is called "silvering". A search of this forum will most likely result in more information about it than you want!

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  • edbayani
    Try getting the "good" hair on the left and transfer them to the right curl by curl and adjusting them to fit the damaged hair.
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  • Nezbitten
    This can either be removed by reducing the blue / cyans saturation or converting the whole image to black and white they were only ever black and white to start with! Sepia only came about as part of ageing (info on that here and you can then add a tint back after if that makes it easier, info on adding tints here I hope this helps?

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  • Jason Byrne
    started a topic New to photo restoration and am stuck

    New to photo restoration and am stuck


    I've just joined this forum as I'm currently researching my family tree and have found some really nice old photo but they are damaged. I have learnt a lot already to restore images, but a lot of my old images have the same very grainy damage (sorry I don't know what its called)

    I would really love some help and advice on what it is and how I can remove repair it. Attached is an example. Its the hair on the right that is damaged. I have this on lots of images

    Thank you

    Example damage.jpg
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