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  • Help with this photo

    I have been trying to improve this photo. Could I get some help?
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    Textures within the paper itself always presents a challenge. Sometimes taking a photo of the image with the light coming from the right, then the left, then the top, then the bottom. Combine them into one 4-layer image in photoshop and experiment with blending modes and masks.

    That doesn't work sometimes, or it might be physically impossible to do. You can try duping it and trying various blurs, then blending modes. Don't forget the Dust & Scratches filter.

    The method I've seen the most dramatic results from involves a 3rd party plugin for Fast Fourier Transform, or FFT. Search here for "FFT" or "Fourier" and you'll find many threads on it. The use of it is outside my personal experience, but I've heard many good comments about the tutorials on it here.
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