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Partial Discolouration

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  • Partial Discolouration

    I have some scans from some old 35mm slides. A lot of them have some partial discolouration - e.g., one corner will be faded / orange, the rest of the image looks ok. I'm good with removing overall colour casts, but I'm not sure how to tackle this partial colour correction.

    Any advice?

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    Hi Kyudos, are you able to post any of the slides as examples of what you are seeing?


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      Hi Kyudos. From what you are describing it sounds almost like light flare - although that sort of damage is usually across the image. My suggestion would be to treat the areas differently by masking them out and colour correcting each area so they match using a photo editing program like photoshop. (GIMP is free - and very like photoshop but I am not sure about masking) You can then join the areas together afterwards. There are so many different ways to colour correct images so it will be a case of a bit or trial and error to see which method works best for your particular situation. You do not mention the slide type - usually I find Kodachromes are fairly stable in their colour, but not so other brands. If you post an image up on the site see that FAQ for how to do that and then people will be able to assist you a little further. Hope that helps.


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        Thanks for the replies...sorry it took so long to get back. I've added an example. As you see, there is general fading, but the colour in the bottom-right, is much more 'correct' than the top left.

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          I know this is a couple of months old but anyway......I think I would adjust for blues and greens using colour balance and then add a gradient mask so that the adjustments apply more to the most faded areas.
          It possibly needs yellows too and that could be achieved the same way or by selecting and adjusting just the selected areas.
          Its surprising how much of the colour is still there if you make a multiply layer so that is worth thinking about too.


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