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  • Restoration approach

    I have attached a colour photo of my wife and daughter, the photo is around 50 years of age. Firstly, I'm not requesting anyone to make the restoration for me, all I want is your opinions and recommendations. I see three obvious problems with the photo: cracks, stains and colour (hue/sat). I'm not to concerned about repairing the cracks or adjusting the colour. However, the stains, particularly across the face of my daughter, is giving me fits. I've tried various approaches with mixed results. I initially tried to clone out the dark stained areas of the face, but messed up the shadow contours of the face.

    So my questions: How would you approach the workflow? Usually, I would look at tone/colour first, then repair cracks/stains. However, I haven't worked on a photo with cracking and staining so severe, so I'm not sure what to tackle first! I'm considering doing the cracks and stains first, then approach colour correction (hue & saturation) next. Your thoughts??

    Secondly, I'm at a lost regarding the approach to the staining. My next efforts will be another attempt at cloning unless someone recommends an alternate approach. I'm using PSE 11.

    I appreciate all responses! vnk_600-copy_2.jpg

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    Not sure regarding photoshop elements, but I can share what my workflow would be with photoshop - there may be something you can do that would be equivalent.

    First I would do a curves adjustment layer to set whit and black point

    I find it easier to do the cracks - eye isn't distracted by the cracks while fixing the staining

    For the staining ....Make a blank layer, change to color blend mode, sample nearby good color and paint. Go slow and gentle to get the natural variations in tone that are expected in skin tone.

    Then above all of those layers adjust the overall color and contrast

    Hope this is a help


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      Your suggestions are much appreciated and I am very anxious to give them a try! Thank you for the prompt and very helpful reply!!



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