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How to get rid of lines?

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  • How to get rid of lines?

    I occasionally have to restore photos with lots of parallel lines. I have used the amazing FT Pattern Suppressor for many patterns, but I can't figure out how to use it for these lines, or if it is even possible. The lines are on the source material, so the only way to fix these would be with some sort of tool. Any ideas for a photo such as this?

    Just a quick take, literally just a couple of minutes. You could do much better with more time.

    I duped the layer twice, putting both new layers on Lighten blend mode. I turned off the top layer, then moved the remaining new layer to the right a few pixels at a time with the arrow keys. After I found the spot where it looked best (won't be near perfect), I turned off that layer and turned on the top layer, and moved it to the left just like the first one.

    Then I put both new layers in a group and added a layer mask to paint out the detail areas that looked very weird.

    This was just a proof of concept. You could experiment. I'm thinking blurring one or both new layers might be useful (or not). Maybe more layers? I'm sure there's a million possibilities I haven't even thought of.

    I hope this helps. Whatever technique you finally use to get the look you want, come back here to show and tell please.

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      Very creative! I will try with blending layers to see if it helps. I was just thinking (hoping) that the pattern suppressor tool would work, since all the lines are parallel, that they would show up in the Pattern Suppressor display for less destructive removal. But I didn't see much of a result when using the Pattern Suppressor. Or maybe there is another tool for the job?


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        It works best with repetitive patterns (hence the name). The lines don't appear to follow any pattern.
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          Yes, I can see this now. I copied some lines from a bit of blank area and tried to make a "darken" layer, but nothing fit quite right. If I darkened a white line, I only darkened an area I didn't want darkened too. The only solution would be a filter that is trained on vertical lines. Oh well, thanks anyway.


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