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    Hi Im new to restoring photos, im using adobe photoshop. I have a few old photos with damage and noise iv been able to edit and retouch. I have this photo of my mum and nan. Is there anything I can do to make the colours better and to make out details including the faces better. I have tried a few things but have been unsuccessful. Thanks Lee.
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    Color Cast in old photos is a fairly simple fix, but there are several approaches that depend on the kind of color cast and other things like contrast.

    A simple first method might be to:
    1) Duplicate the background layer (cntrl/cmd+j)
    2) Set the new layer Mode to Color
    3) Go to Filter>Blur>Average
    4) Invert the color (cntrl/cmd+i)
    5) Reduce the layer Opacity to about 50% (or to taste)

    Another method is to:
    1) Duplicate the background layer (cntrl/cmd+j)
    2) Go to Filter>Camera Raw
    3) In the BASIC panel, Click the little eye-dropper next to the White Balance pop-up then click somewhere in the walkway of the photo.
    If the results are a little off, try different areas of the walkway to get closer to the right colors. Also, reduce the Saturation or Vibrance slider.

    There are other methods that can be used as well, but they can be a bit more complicated. This should get you started.
    Regarding the facial details, create a Brightness/Contrast adjustment layer, reduce the contrast and brighten the image slightly, then invert the mask (cmd+i) and paint with a soft-white brush where you want to lighten the faces.

    Hope this helps.


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      Great, thanks for the advice il give both methods a go and see how they turn out


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