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Water, scratches, and other damage restoration

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  • Water, scratches, and other damage restoration

    Hi! a woman come with this photograph asking me to restore it. It was in a photo album, inside the plastic sheets, the whole inside a bag that flooded for a long time. It looks terrible!
    How whould you start? do you think it's possible? thank you!
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    Its a little hard to see from the image just how bad the damage is. However I did a quick levels adjustment and there appears to be most of the facail details there for the older children and for the younger child second in from the left some of their face - the rest needing rebuilding (using clone stamp' healing and spot healing brushes). I presume I am correct that the photo is only of 5 children and there is not a person in the backgroung that has been obscurred by water damage? With this sort of damage I would be trying to get as detailed scan as possible and in 48 bits - possibly around 1200dpi or higher .... as you need to really work on the faces at a tiny scale to bring out details and they are really small in relation to the overall size of the image. A high resolution scan will enlarge these areas to let you rebuild them. Often with water damage colours run together so it is always a bit of a puzzel determing where edges of things are. If the client has any other photos you can use for reference that would help. Looking at the channels and experimenting with different adjustment layers may help you uncover more information which you need for rebuilding. Also try clarity and some of the camera raw adjustments.... you are in for a few hours work (if you crop the image a bit that will save some time) but rebuilding - especially faces takes time and close consultation with your client. (One thing you could do is post small areas of the image (the faces) to give us a better idea of the damage as my comments are based on this very reduced image).


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      Thanks for the answer! This is the unique picture of them being child. They are 5. I scanned at 1200 dpi, it's a huge image. I'll try to put the faces. I will post the faces and the work done.


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