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  • Need some advice please!

    I am fairly new to using PS, but have a reasonable handle on the basics of editing photos. I'm trying to clean up several images similar to the one I've attached. They are cropped from the poorly scanned (strike one) rendition of old photos (strike two) that were printed on printer paper (you're outta here!). I do not have access to the original files, nor the source material they were scanned from. I don't need them to be perfect, they don't even need to be great! BUT I do want them to look better, and I'd like to keep them as close to the original image as possible, just sharper and cleaner - without devoting hours to each image. Most of the photos have those odd angled lines in them, and one main thing I would like is to minimize those as much as possible. I have all kinds of stuff I've used in various combinations to try to clean them up as much as possible: all of the Topaz Labs AI programs (Gigapixel, with facial recognition on and off, Denoise and Sharpen), Pattern Suppressor 2.7 plugin in PS, curves and moire adjustments, all of Lightroom's tools, selectively applying blur, Gaussian blur, painting certain areas with a low opacity to hide certain things with blur and without, etc, etc, etc. Everything I've tried either doesn't cover/remove/disguise it very well, or looks like crap, or both. I'm trying to improve these as a very sentimental, special gift for someone who will be over the moon about this, so if anyone could please help me figure something out, I would really, really appreciate it.
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