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  • Batch processing

    I'll come back from a wedding with hundreds of jpeg files that I would like to quickly batch process into 300 dpi Tiff files. Regardless of how many different ways I try it just ain't happening.

    Please advise me as to ALL the necessary steps I should take when putting together the ACTION that will turn this into a 300dpi TIFF. Please include when I should put SAVE, CLOSE or OPEN.

    Then please walk me through the batch automation process and what should be checked and not checked.

    Thanks in advance to anyone that can help me.


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    Jay, the action only has two steps:

    i) resize with resample off to 300 ppi
    ii) save as TIFF PC Byte order no compression

    (action text readout below)


    Set: Set 1.atn

    Action: Action 1
    Image Size
    Resolution: 118.11 per cm
    As: TIFF
    Byte Order: IBM PC
    In: D:\Documents and Settings\Admin\Desktop\
    With Lower Case


    The save location does not matter, as the batch command will take over the save location...(not sure about the Mac though or a PC with C drive only for the above example...the override step should take care of this).

    When you select the automate/batch command, select this action/set and choose a source folder to process from. Select the destination folder and check the box to override action save in commands (this will save the recorded format but to the desired output folder instead of the recorded save in path).

    Attached is the ATN zip compressed, for what it is worth.

    I have tested this and it works as described above, it is that simple.

    Hope this helps,

    Stephen Marsh.
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