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    This is a scan of my daughters butterfly project. It was ruined with waterstains. I was able to remove the waterstains by using a combination of layers and blend modes. I used a layer of yellow in Overlay mode and another layer of Yellow in Saturation mode.

    (Im much to lazy to use the magic wand to erase the parts I dont want. *grin* )

    However, the red and green paint lost its original colors and Id like to bring them back. Might you have a suggestion? This is my first post here and hopefully, Ive got both pictures attached correctly. Here are the URL's of the original and my work so far.

    Thank you in advance for any help.

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    Hi Rose, welcome to RTP! Your daughter shows real talent

    I took your fixed version and using the magic wand at tolerance of 100, no antialias, no contiguous and no use all layers, I selected the red bits. Then I added a hue/saturation adjustment layer and moved the saturation slider to the right to brighten up the red.

    You could also fiddle with the other sliders until you get a red you like.

    Then do the same with the green.



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      Sorry, my previous post ended rather abruptly and I didn't attach my effort - the timer on the stove was going off and I was in a hurry

      Here's my effort.....hope this helps

      Attached Files


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        Good idea!

        I guess I have to use the magic wand for this, dont I?!

        I think I shall play with it a big more.

        Thank you for the suggestion and for playing with it.

        I know how it is with the stove buzzer going off, I think I had pumpkin bread in the oven when I was working on this. I always set the time a little short in case I get to involved with things to get to the stove right away.


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          Try select> Color Range
          Copy and paste each color to a new layer
          Adjust each color using Hue/Saturation

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