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pattern fill from selection??

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  • pattern fill from selection??

    It seems like it should be a simple thing to do, but I can't figure it out. What I'd like to do is create a new layer (empty) and then fill the entire layer (like a pattern fill) with a piece I've selected from another layer--usually a chunk of sky or some other background type thing.

    I know I could make a rectangular selection and save it to use as a pattern fill, but I'm hoping for something a little more quick and dirty. Oh--and I don't want a tiled look. Any tips would be appreciated.

    Cheryl H

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    Well, the steps you've described are pretty much all you can do, or you can use the pattern maker filter to avoid the tiled look (somewhat, maybe, perhaps).
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      Thanks Doug. I was afraid that was going to be the answer.


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        Although it won't help with the 'tiled' look, you could write an action that stored a selection as a pattern, deselected, made a new layer, and filled the new layer with the pattern, then assign a keystroke shortcut to the action.
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          Maybe good news...... think you can do that in Painter.


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            Thanks Goldcoin. I've got the software--now I just need to figure it out.


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              Won't be too much help.... just remember that if "something???" wasn't turned on.... your brush auto would paint the pattern or paper that was showing in the palette.

              You might post that question, in the "Painter's Paint Can."


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                Here's something else. that might be a stepping stone to do what you have suggested.

                This is a great web site, so much offered!! Use her on site search for tutorials. Not a easy site to navigate......

                Thought of Trimoon...... if he reads this. Her tutorial called
                " Dodge and Burn, tutorial "

                Neat idea on how to do an onsite tutorial, be sure to hesitate a bit on step 15. Use the below link

                Chapter two2 .....
                Now this site is filled with "patterns".....and folks that know alot about how to get them to work....

                Cuban Council is a boutique interactive design, development and branding services company with locations in San Francisco and New York.

                Happy surfing.....


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                  Goldcoin--thanks for hunting up the links. All have been added to my bookmark collection.


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