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How to hide a matte finish?

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  • How to hide a matte finish?

    I have a small photo (about 2" x 2") that I've scanned at high resolution (1200 dpi) so that I can print it at a larger size. Unfortunately, the photo has a matte finish which is clearly visible on screen and on the printout. What can I do in Photoshop to get rid of the matte without impairing the quality of the photo? I've tried a gaussian blur followed by unsharp mask as well as a dust & scratches filter followed by unsharp mask but the sharpening just seems to bring back the matte. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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    Check out the thread called scanning patterns - your problem is similar but (presumably) less severe, so the suggestions of scanning twice at 90 degrees to each other and/or running Neat Image or Noise Ninja on the scanned image are probably good starting points. You can download demos of both products.


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      Thanks very much Leah -- that's exactly the pattern I'm getting. I'll try some of the suggestions offered in that thread.


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