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Fun digital collage....aka digital rubber stamping.

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  • Fun digital collage....aka digital rubber stamping.

    I used some images of rubber stamps I have to define several new brushes and 'digitally stamped' them on a nice image. I played with the layers a bit and this is the result. Who needs paper?!

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    Wow, that's pretty cool. Very inventive, Deb.


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      That's fun Deb.

      I went to a "rubber stamping party" a few weeks ago and I had my check book out all ready to buy these neat rubber stamps and then I realized "hey, I can do all that in PhotoShop"

      Well I'm not as far along in my project as you are, but with the money I saved, I was able to buy scads of beads that I can store on the new shelves I put up to get the stuff off the floor in the storage room - the same shelves that soon became buried in piles of "stuff" that previously held down a spot in the bedroom and threatened to topple over and smother me as I slept.

      I did buy a book about stamping though. Books don't take up much room do they, now if I could just remember which pile I put it in........



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