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  • Duv
    It is always helpful to see the pic you are working on. Assuming you are using the eyedroppers correctly, not seeing a change in the histogram may only mean that your pic has good light and dark values. I think all you are trying to achieve is good contrast with with and black eyedroppers. Don't forget to set your middle greys as well.


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  • airubin
    started a topic levelsam-histogr


    I'm having a little trouble understanding the use of the eyedroppers in the histograms. I've been making adjustments by sliding the right and left arrows to the beginning of the both sides of the diagram. I've also adjusted the gamma in the center. I have had good results doing this.

    I've just started to retouch an old and stained photo. So, I've gone back to the books to insure that I'm starting off correctly.

    I've tried using the eydroppers for the black and white, but I do not see any difference in the histogram. When is it necessary to use the eyedroppers?

    Some insight would help me here.



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