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moving photos on to a new background

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  • moving photos on to a new background

    Hi, I am trying to move 2 greyscale photos onto one canvas/new background. When I try to do this the photos that I am moving appear on the new background as a lot smaller. The resolution is the same (72) in the photos and the new canvas. What am I doing wrong. I am using photoshop 6.........Thanks Val

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    Hi Val:

    Greetings from "Across the Pond."

    In the bottom left corner of the "they look too small" image, check the zoom % value. Is it the same value as the source images? If not you can click in and over-type this value to whatever you like.

    See if this helps.



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      Hi Danny,
      Thank you so much for replying to me, I have figured out what I was doing wrong, I needed to make sure that they were the same file size, not just the same measurements. Thank you again and I hope that you have a great new year.....Val


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