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PS vs digital ice

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  • PS vs digital ice

    Hello everyone,

    I'm new ere...
    I just upgraded to PSCS...

    I have kidnapped my grandmothers Old Old photos...
    in hopes of restoring them.. most are cracked and damaged in various ways...

    I do have Katerin Eisman (sp?) book...

    my question is :
    has anyone used one of the flatbed scanners w/ digital ice?

    if so is it that good?

    would it be better to spend the time to hand retouch each
    (also factor in a while to learn or get the DI scanner.

    Any advice is appreciated..

    Dan in Japan

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    I haven't had any personal experience with Digital Ice, but I have some thoughts on it. (I've read a few reviews, and seen a few pictures too.)
    I think it would not be a replacement, but rather an aide for restoration work. If I were using it, I would scan with the Digital Ice turned on, and then again with it off. I would then layer the two and use layer masks to work with the two. I can see DI being used like a dust & scratches filter.
    If DI works like the other plugins offered, I wouldn't set my expectations too high. I wasn't all that impressed and they only work some images.
    Having said all that, I would still probably buy a scanner with that feature. If it only worked on part of the image, that would be less work I'd have to do.


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      Digital ICE is actually pretty neat technology. I do not own a flatbed, but my Nikon Coolscan does come with Digital ICE3 (cube).

      I have scanned some bad scratched negatives, and it turns out good. Unlike the Dust and Scratch filter in PS, Digital Ice does not soften the image. In fact, when I compare my scans with and without Digital ICE applied, the difference is hardly visible.

      However, Digital ICE DOES NOT work with black-and-white negatives. I do know why, but I can always shoot and and convert my image to b&w in PS.


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        I haven't used Digital Ice on a flatbed scanner, but on my film scanner it works marvels - small specks of dust, hairs, etc. gone with no appreciable effect on the rest of the image (e.g. softness, etc.) even if you zoom right in. I have no idea how they do that. I would recommend a DI scanner to anyone.

        BUT if the flatbed works anything like the film scanner DI won't take care of the level of damage you're talking about - or at least, if it has a setting on which it will then you're likely to start losing image detail. So you're going to have to learn some restoration the hard way .


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          thanks for the input

          Thanks for all your valuable ideas and opinions...


          P.S. Think I'm going to get a flatbed w/ DI.. I can use all the help I can get...LOL


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            ScanMaker 6800

            Digital ice works great with color negative film and slides. I use it fairly extensively with the Nikon Coolscan 4000.

            I also have digital ice on the scanmaker 6800. It is a flat bed scanner and the digital ice is for prints only. You get mixed results using it. It can help repair some scratches and really minor tears. I even use it to help remove patterns or textures on the print paper. Overall, if you expect similar results as to what your would get with a film scanner, you will be disappointed. Having said that, I still tend to use it, as it helps reduce some of the retouch up work that I need to do on certain prints.



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