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40 years old picture.

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  • 40 years old picture.

    Hello everyone

    This is a picture of my Auntie, and it's really tough for me to restore it. Thank you for any advice.
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    Welcome aboard HungV. I think your first step might be to check out this tutorial . Good luck.



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      I played around with this picture and did the following that may help you:

      1. Used a levels layer to bring out the shadows, highlights and midtones.

      2. Used a Channel mixer layer and set it to monochrome.

      3. Flatened the image.

      4. Duplicated the flatened layer and applied a Filter Blue/Gaussian Blur with a value large enough to take out the horizontal lines in the picture. Added an Add Layer Mask with Hide all, and with white as the foreground and opacity at 30%, painted in smoothness to the faces to remove the horizontal lines.

      5. Duplicated the flattened layer again, and applied a Filter Sharpen/Unsharp Mask, and added an Add Layer Mask with Hide all, and with a with a white foreground and opacity at 30% painted in sharpness to selected areas (ex. eyes, hair, mouth).

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        Another alternative is to download a demo software package called Neat Image. Create a layer mask of the faces and copy to the clipboard. Run original image thru Neat Image. Save and then run the saved version thru Neat Image again. Load this image into Photoshop and paste faces back in. Run Gaussian Blur about 2.2 then Alt click layer mask to hide blur. Use soft white brush to paint back blur on skin but avoid eyes mouth etc. I ran a levels adjustment on the RGB to keep a toned image. Use the sharpen tool for the eyes mouth and desaturate the teeth slightly to whiten.

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          Thank you so much for the help Ed_L, Ajcutler and Duv.