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  • Dirty Image

    I have scan some old portrait photos form the late 60's
    The person I am doing this for had the photos laminated.
    The photos are really dirty and I was hopping to clean them. The dirt is under the lamination, so I am unable to clean them physically.

    Can anyone help me?

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    Hi Rogue (hmm... name Rogue, picture of Wolverine - that's getting confusing ).

    If you attach one of your scans or a portion of one of your scans here (800 pixels wide or less, and under 100K), or give us a pointer to a location if they're available elsewhere on the web, I'm sure someone will be able to help you. I've seen people here do some pretty amazing things with photos that looked past help...


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      That really is too small. Could you maybe post just a section of it 800px wide at 300ppi resolytion so we can get a look at the problem (and if you choose an area other than the face then that will get around the privacy problem too).


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        here is a zip file.
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          did that help?


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            I used the Healing Brush tool set to darken to remove the large splotches. I used it set to lighten to remove the dirt specks. Then I ran it through Neat Image to clean up the noise, etc. Back in PS7 for a little USM. There is a place on the collar that could have used some cloning to repair; but, since this is not a paying job for me , I skipped it.

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              Heres how have done it (wich is far from behing perfect) But done in less than 2 minutes

              Just duplicate your layer
              Run Dust & Scratchs on the duplicate (just enought to hide the smallest flaws)

              Alt click on layer mask
              With a soft brush, click where needed
              Merge down and heal brush where needed then
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                I tried using the h-brush, but not the way you did it. I will know
                Quick Q.
                What is Neat Image...I have never heard of it?
                USM....unsharp mask?

                Thanks again for the help

                You too Hugo!


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                  Neat Image is a noise removal program. A free demo version which is all you will probably ever need can be downloaded here

                  Yes, USM is unsharp mask.



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                    Thanks again for the help
                    Setting the h-brush to the darken/lighten setting made such a difference. I never thought to use that.

                    Always the simple things you dont think of

                    We learn something new everyday.


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                      I think I'll have to try that too. I use those modes alot for the clone tools, but never found a use for it for the healing brush.

                      Well, I mainly use the patch tool, and there is no blend mode for it so I guess thats why.


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                        neat image

                        Don't miss what Catia said about "neat Image"... it's a very usefull tool.. and free to try.