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  • Want to keep busy?

    I just found a great site. The page the link will take you to will be the "Stars and Stripes" search page, which relates to WW1. Just go to the bottom of that page, and click on "search all collections". This will bring up a huge list of collections from the Library of Congress. You can click on any collection to view info specific to that one only. This site is not just for WW1 info, but for just about anything you want. Click here for access.


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    Good spot to explore

    Thanx Ed

    Took a little trial and error but am getting some nice photos now.

    if someone wants to jump right into a panoramic view of :Annual "Bathing Girl Parade", Balboa Beach, Cal., June 20, 1920. try clicking below.

    I think I am going to download the offered 8mb .tiff file and work on that awhile


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      Re: Want to keep busy?

      8000+ public domain pictures in the Library of Congress Flickr photostream.


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        Re: Want to keep busy?

        You can get lost for days in the LOC collection. I didn't know about the Flickr stream - thanks for pointing the way, Nasturtium.

        Starting here:
        there's a whole bunch of Photochroms ( from 1890s Ireland. I haven't come to the end of them yet. They fairly scream "Paint me!"

        Here are a couple I did today instead of working.
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          Re: Want to keep busy?

          ...and here's another one. It looks better huge.
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            Re: Want to keep busy?

            dc-those are fabulous. Is the horse and buggy picture hosted somewhere 'huge'? If so I'd love the link

            How are you surfing them -with Cooliris?

            I can't decide where to start; state fair quilts? Migrant workers? Steel mills? This is mind boggling


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              Re: Want to keep busy?

              Nasturtium - I'm just using Firefox; Cooliris disappeared when I installed the latest version.
              On each image page (here's the Glencoe pic) there's a "persistent url." That takes you to another page that offers a couple sizes of .jpg and a large (20~30 MB) TIFF.

              These are really fun to work on - and easy - I think, because they're composed with a painter's eye. The color in some is a little funky, though, and needs some help.


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                Re: Want to keep busy?

                folks, i'm going to move this to the restoration forum where we often discuss colorizations and LOC. these are wonderful and i want to put them in their proper home. i'll leave a link here that will disappear after a number of days.


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