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  • An unusual request

    I had a call today from a woman who wants two 70-year-old 11x14 prints "truly restored." She said she doesn't want "photocopies," but wants the original prints restored to like-new condition for display as antiques (a bit of a contradiction).

    She said the prints only suffer from edge degradation and small tears.

    I explained the wisdom of storing the originals archivally and displaying copies, but she wasn't convinced.

    I then told her she probably wants a photo conservator. I'm not even sure there is one in my town. If there is, I'm sure she's expensive. I once read the requirements for becoming a conservator, and it seems easier to become a neurosurgeon.

    Have any of you had such requests as this woman's?

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    You might want to check out this old thread, which started out on a tangentially related topic but quickly moved onto discussing this very question.