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    I think I posted this ? a while ago but don't recall receiving feedback. Does PSE2 have a tool similar to this one in Ulead PhotoImpact-It is a tool under their Retouch Tool Panel then you select Retouch-Remove Noise. You then click on spots of noise and it removes them. Unlike the stamp/clone tool it doesn't leave dark spots on light background leaving you constantly restamping areas to match. It really works well to remove white spots, noise/backscatter from underwater pix.

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    Hi rhpenning,

    Welcome to RP!

    I'm surely the wrong person for answering your post as I don't have 'Ulead PhotoImpact-It' .... nor 'PSE2' .... In fact, I work only with Photoshop...

    We have a Forum here which deals with different Software .... If you ask there, I'm sure somebody will gladly help...

    As for, generally, removing noise, you could download and try 'Neat Image' (the demo version is free) .... I personally use it a lot and think is fantastic ....

    Here is a link to a previous thread on the topic wich also includes Before & After examples.