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  • Wall Street Journal Headshots

    Does anyone know how the WSJ achieves the engraved look of the headshots which accompany some of their columns and articles?

    Do they start with a conventional photograph?

    Would this make a good manipulation challenge?
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    It surely looks very interesting .....

    I don't think I've ever seen it done before .... But in such a big group I'm sure someone has ....


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      Why is Roy smiling?

      I saw this interesting question a couple years ago, but there was no clearcut answer or conclusion. I would speculate that at one time each was hand crafted, but I can't imagine in this age of digital everything that would still be the case.

      It's definitely a unique style.

      A filter called "India Ink" from was used on this tongue in cheek example. It's in the ballpark, but I'm sure this is not what's used. A filter that renders similar effects, "Engraver" is available from

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        Checking Google, I found this page with an explanation of the process:


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          Excellent detective work. Shows you what I know, but at least they crop it in Photohshop!

          Seems like an exceptionally labor intensive indulgence for something that gets trashed or eligible for birdcage liner 15 minutes after its read.

          Traditions die hard, I guess. Guess it's an indication the WSJ is making plenty of $$.



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            My try.

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