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difficult background swapping tips?

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  • difficult background swapping tips?

    I was wondering if anyone would want to share some of their experiences with swapping some more difficult backgrounds. What have you found to be a good method of extracting a subject with curly hair? How about when the subject doesn't have a very distinct edge where they meet with the background?

    These two areas have been a pain to me for the longest, so I was just looking for some tips.

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    Take a look at the Glamour Puss Challenge for differing examples for hair.

    I also posted a technique using levels to refine selections.

    About the only thing I've found reliable is to make a mask that uses the actual image as its source and pumping up the contrast enough for the details to show through.
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      There is also a tutorial by Flora at




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        Hi Greg,

        Beside the great Tip from Doug, as Christine has pointed out , you might find the technique I described in this Tutorial helpful, at least for creating a stronger contrast and facilitating the selection.

        You could also read these excellent Tips from DJ.

        I also found a Katrin Eisman excellent Tutorial on 'Advanced Masking' here ...and another one by Russel Brown here

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          Thanks a lot for the tips, links, and tutorials everyone. I can't wait to play around now & see what i get.


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            Possible cheating

            I know it is probably cheating but has anyone tried that Extensis Mask Pro?


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