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  • Using photos from challenges

    I have a question. Most of my work is is retouch/manipulation and I don't have much to show for restoration. Who's permission would I need to use some pieces from my challenges (befores/afters) in my digital portfolio? Not for print of course since they are low res, but on my website. Would I just give credit to Retouchpro/Challenges?



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    Hi Sarah,

    ....I'm not really sure... but I think that, if possible, asking the permission of the person who has submitted the original picture could be the first step .... (I did that for the images of one of my Tutorials...)

    As for RP... I think you should ask Doug Nelson ....


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      It's in the FAQ
      Learn by teaching
      Take responsibility for learning


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        Thank you

        Maybe I should read those faqs


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          "Maybe I should read those faqs " ...too!!!


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