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Buying Wacom intuos2 A4 Oversize Tablet - Nik Multimedia DFINE of any use?

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  • CourtneyConk.Co
    I dont know how much I can help, but I use a Wacom Intuos 2 6x9 and I love it. I used to have an old Intuos oversized tablet and found that my arm tired out alot if I was retouching all day. WHen that one died on me, I went with the 6x9 and have been completely content since.

    As for the noise-reduction program, I cant offer an suggestions.

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  • Buying Wacom intuos2 A4 Oversize Tablet - Nik Multimedia DFINE of any use?

    Hi all

    I'm going to buy the Wacom Intuos 2 A4 Tablet and I wonder if the pen-sensitive NIK Multimedia DFINE 1.0 Selective (noise suppression/killer) is of any noticable use.

    I've downloaded the DFINE demo a couple of weeks ago and I wasn't hugely overwhelmed with it.

    They however offer specific Camera Noise Profiles which go for a hefty 50 $ per Cam-profile.

    They had tutorials which cleaned up extremely well and I like the idea of pressure-sensitive noise-control. They even offer different tools to kill background, hair and skin noise.

    Well I'm not just about to improve the picture a bit... I want butterly smooth out-of-focus backgrounds and acceptable in-focus detail.

    But after all is this really worth 100 $ for the product and 50 $ for the camera profile?

    Maybe Neat Image with layer masking would be more feasible?

    Any opinions / experiences welcome!