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  • Don't know if this is hardware or software...

    Hello all,
    This question is going to demonstrate how stubborn I am to adapt to new software. I have a little 4x6 tablet that I use with Photoshop 6. It works just fine and I really don't require anything more fancy. This is where everyone is going to think I'm nutz. I've had Photoshop 7 as well for about a year, but I hate using it with my tablet. Its almost like it has too many airbrush settings to adjust to get the control you want with the stylus. I have it just about where I like it, but I find that it is clumsy feeling compared to Photoshop 6 (which has virtually no special airbrush settings). Photoshop 6, I just set my opacity to either 10%, 50%, or 100% and I'm good to go. 7, I have to twidle with this, that and the other in brush settings. Am I just a dinosaur or stubborn. I have been trying to force myself to use 7, but a retouch that would normally take me an hour takes 2. Anyone using CS out there? Opinions? Same situation?

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    I know where you're coming from. I jumped from version 4, to 7! There were a lot of things to learn, and at first I didn't like them, at all, but now I appreciate the flexibility.
    The best feature is the healing brush. The fact that it keeps skin texture is amazing.

    Regarding the brushes. If you find that you have a few brush settings that you always use, you can create a tool preset that will hold those settings. Those settings are saved on the Tool Preset palette. They are easy access, just click on the brush you need. You can even give them names that are relevant to you.
    As a graphic designer, you will also come to appreciate all the other brush options, but you're best off reading about the individual features, and experimenting.
    Hope that helps.


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      Well, I took about 3 hours of messing with settings and I can now use PS7 with relative ease with my el'cheapo tablet. Brush settings and the flow control are my "friends" now. I don't even have to tweak the opacity. Life is good


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        I started relatively late in the game with version 6, and didn't have a handle on that when I upgraded to 7. This is not to say that I have a handle on 7 yet but I love to experiment with it. It keeps me out of the pubs

        The healing tool is great but I have been playing around with the patch tool alot lately and that is one pretty cool tool there! I use a 4x5 Wacom here and like it alot. A bit of a comfort curve but I almost exclusively use the pen now and only use the mouse when a steady cursor is needed.


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          Originally posted by Jeff L
          It keeps me out of the pubs
          LMAO! Everyone needs a hobby
          I just got a copy of Extensis Mask Pro. That is my latest hobby. I think it has the promise of being a good tool. I just haven't had the time to explore it yet.


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