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    Need Help {Dark Circles Under Eyes}

    Click Here For Pix

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    Hi Pvt.Weed,

    Welcome to RP!

    I worked on your corrected version of the picture, which, is very well and naturally corrected!! (the right side of her face (left in the picture) isn't as smooth as the rest, though....)

    To minimize the "Dark Circles Under Eyes" I did the following:
    • Created a new Empty Layer at the top (blending=Overlay).
    • With a very soft, white Brush (Opacity 10%) I carefully painted over the shadows.
    • Created a new Empty Layer at the top (Blending= Color).
    • Keeping the Alt Key pressed, I picked a 'good' color very close to the shadow.
    • With a very soft, color Brush (Opacity 60%) I carefully painted over the corrected shadows.

    P.S. Since images from other sites could be later deleted ... It would be better to upload the picture here, at RP, so that everybody will be able to see what this Thread was about even in the future ....
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      Private Weed, I softened the skin first, then used the healing brush. The softening technique is not mine, but I forgot where I got it. kiska
      Bg copy
      Gaussian blur, about 40%
      Edit>Undo blur
      Click square next to snapshot of blur
      Select history brush
      Choose Darken mode at 25%
      Brush over skin areas ONLY, not eyes,lips,etc.
      Repeat with Lighten mode at 25%
      New layer on top
      Healing brush to soften circles further

      Hope this is sorta what you wanted.
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        I used the original, left image for this.
        This is the method I use to lighten shadows under the eyes:
        Duplicate the background layer
        Select the clone tool and set it to "lighten"
        Select the area just below the shadow, as your reference point.
        With a medium edged brush, lighten the area, staying clear of the eye rim and lashes.
        Once you get it how you like it, reduce the layer opacity to 50%-60% (even more for men). I this case, because the shadows are so dark, you would probably want to decrease that amount.
        I went hog wild on this one.
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          WoW! Thank you for the tips. Why I cant see your work.
          Last edited by Pvt.Weed; 04-04-2004, 12:36 AM.


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            Why I cant see your work
            You can't see the image attachment?


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              Thats weird,now I can see it.


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                I heal brushed and then history erased back at 30-50% to get the texture back. I then dodged and burned at about 3-4% to tone down the dark spots under her eyes. That way the texture is still there but the skin is blended more. I find this is really the easiest way to do this. But thats just my opinion.
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                  All I can say is "WOW"


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