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  • How to quote restoration job


    I received an order for restoration work that involves one photo divided into three sections. The end product needs to be in three sections as well. All three sections have heavy water damage on the sides including the side that would match up to the other pieces. My question is whether you would quote this job as three separate photos or as one? Each "picture" will measure 6 x 6 inches and will be part of a mural. Also, would you consider a water damaged photo a moderate or major restoration? There are no "missing" pieces.

    Thanks for the feedback!


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    I wouldn't personally look at it as 3 photos and what type of restoration, I would look at it as how much time it will take to restore the items and what per hour I would require to do the job.

    Just my 2 cents

    - Noel


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      We would charge as 3 photos regarding scans and prints ... where we could apply the same work to the other two images and it would save time - like you can when working with different areas of one image - is where the customer would see a 'discount' from 3 seperate photos. Otherwise it is just how much damage with detail and the type of areas that need fixing.