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Lurker and long time ago poster needs help

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  • Lurker and long time ago poster needs help

    A friend sent me this of her granddaughter. For whatever reason, when these pictures are sent via AOL this is what happens. Can anyone help? I don't even know where to start on this. I am no pro - but this "negative" appearance stumps me.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Just offhand, it looks like AOL is compressing the image and/or reducing the colors.

    I don't use AOL, so I can't be sure on it, but that is my first guess.

    - Noel


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      I looked at this one. It will take a labor of love. I would start with color replacement. Isolate the baby on a separate layer. The bunny color seems to have been pink. That is why the baby and bunny were compressed into the same color (AOL compression sucks). Anyway, I was able to pull out the bunny color; but, the baby was still off. That is why I would do them separately.

      Good luck,


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        AOL does compress images unless you turn that option off (advised, obviously). Both sides would need to do it, if both sides use AOL (it might compress them both coming and going).
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          The most obvious solution is dump AOL, and use a decent ISP.


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            Thanks for the replies.

            When I lived at home I used AOL (hey - dad paid for it!) but now have a "real ISP". I didn't even think about compression. I thought maybe her daughter had a crappy digital. But than this scan came through. I'll let them the problem, and to look for the option to turn off compression.

            I knew you guys would know the issue! Hope everyone has a nice Easter weekend!!


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