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Am I too late for the statue challenge???

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  • Am I too late for the statue challenge???

    I've been learning Photoshop for a few months now and my teacher saw this challenge on your site and we decided to have a shot at the statue. This is my first time and I'm not sure how to navigate around this site so I'm wondering if I have done the right thing. I would like to submit stuff in the future too.
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    Hi Woofie - you're not too late, but you'd better upload your finished image to the challenge itself (go to the challenge and then click on the "Upload Photos" link up near the top of the screen).

    Nice try, by the way - you've got a good skin tone going there. The eyes still look a bit statue-y, but most people struggled with those (I know I did).
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      I basically did a paint job. kiska
      What does 'attachment in progress, can delete here' mean?? I've tried several times to up load.
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