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What are the MOST COMMON image editing programs?

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  • What are the MOST COMMON image editing programs?

    I'm trying to put together a tutorial in basic image editing geared towards the amateaur consumer and I need to cover all bases. Besides Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and Jasc Paint Shop Pro, can someone give me a few other programs out there that are popular on the consumer market?



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    Corel PhotoPaint is what I use.


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      I'm not saying how good any of these are, but these are listed in a very recent special edition magazine on "Computer Scrapbooking":

      ACDSee 6
      Adobe Photoshop CS
      Adobe Photoshop Elements
      ArcSoft Photo Impression 5
      CorelDraw Graphics Suite 12
      Jasc Paint Shop Power Suite
      Microsoft Digital Image Pro 9
      Roxio PhotoSuite 5 Platinum
      Ulead PhotoImpact XL



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        Another program: PhotoBrush from MediaChance
 (graphics) - would be a good place to look for others.


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          Create, Edit, Compose, or Convert Digital Images


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            Thanks, everyone!



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