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  • A solution in search of a problem

    I've been experimenting with NetMeeting and Remote Desktop Sharing over a DSL connection.

    For those of us who aren't familiar with this free application, it allows (among other things) for a "guest" to control an "owner's" computer.

    I have been toying with one computer using PhotoShop on another computer. There is a bit of lag, but it's tolerable.

    It's occurred to me that this application might have uses with helping or instructing others with restoration, retouching, and other tasks.

    Would this facility have any practical value for us?

    Of course, its use implies a broadband link and Windows computers among participants.

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    I've used Netmeeting very successfully to provide and receive training but mostly within company networks (Intranet). While I've tried it across the Internet with friends it's been difficult to setup. I found that you need a little savvy in the mechanics of your PC to set it up. Common issues being; installing Netmeeting; finding your IP address (unless you belong to a directory service); getting around firewalls; getting the sound to work; and the biggest one....finding a common time to do it.

    That said.... If you can overcome these then it's very effective. Why not try and set something up? I'm all for making technology work for us rather than the other way around.

    I've tried it over dial up and it does work Ok. Broadband would be better



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      Getting one's IP address is not too difficult.

      In Windows XP, go to Start>Run and enter "cmd" (without the double quotes). When a window pops up, enter "ipconfig" and the address will appear.

      In other Windows versions, go to Start>Run and enter "winipcfg" and a window with display options will appear.

      NetMeeting is part of XP. In other Windows system, it is often a part of Internet Explorer.

      Sound setup could be troubling for some. But there's always "chat."

      Firewalls, however, could be a spoiler.


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