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question about advanced techniquesii CD Todd Morrison

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  • question about advanced techniquesii CD Todd Morrison

    I am new in these Forum. I do not know if I am right writing my questin here.But I will do it anyway.
    I have got the Photoshop for Portrait Photographers 4 CDs.
    On the 4 TH ones there is a lesson about Advances Layers Mask.- Extract Imagen and copy on a new bachground.
    I want to know how can I save and image as a layer, because when you open the imagen, there are two images, one is the backgroun and the other is a layer where is the sunjet to be extracted. How can I get that layer?
    I hope same ono can understand what I am trayin to say. My Englesh it is no good as a wanted to be

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    Hi and welcome,
    I'm not sure what your asking but don't worry someone will be along soon to help you. And if this is the wrong place to post this, Doug i'm sure will move it where it belongs.
    And your English is fine
    I could make an attempt to answer your question, but i may be misleading you, so i will wait for a little while.
    W. Rose


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      Hi Guillermo

      If you copy and paste a selection onto a new and transparent background then "save as" Tiff, when you reopen it shows as Layer 1 with no background.

      Is this what you were asking?



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        Hi Guillermo, if I understand right, you are wanting to extract from an image, and first wish to duplicate the background so you can extract from it.
        To copy the background, open your layers palette, and drag the background to the new layers icon (its at the bottom of the palette next to the bin).
        There will now be 2 layers, background and background copy, and you can perform your extraction using the background copy. To save, do a "save as", and save as a PSD or TIFF file.


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