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Zen and the Art of Restoration

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  • Zen and the Art of Restoration

    By Doug Nelson (doug) on Tuesday, May 15, 2001 - 05:24 am:

    Has anyone else noticed time slip away while retouching? Especially while spotting. I'll set up a grid and zoom in and start touching up here, then there, and before I know it the afternoon (or evening) is gone.

    It's simultaneously kinda cool and disturbing at the same time. I enjoy the time I spent, but I wonder if I wasn't simply doing busy work for the happy Zen feeling I get, rather than because it actually needed doing (or doing in the manner I do it)

    By Wayne Nelson on Saturday, May 19, 2001 - 03:27 pm:

    Hey Doug,

    I don't do a lot of retouching (although I am integrating it into my business model slow-but-sure), but I do "fiddle" with my event and portrait photos until I figure they can't be any more perfect than I've been able to make them, which admittedly takes more time than I realize. (My motto is: take the best shot you can and then make it right in Photoshop).
    And yes, I think the Time-Fairies move the hands on the clock forward a little faster while we're not looking and simultaneously sprinkle that "feel-good" fairy dust on us - it's the least they can do!
    But I must defend the time I spend while "working"- it's definitely time well-spent (even if I don't get everything accomplished that I set out to do!)

    By Mathias Vejerslev on Wednesday, June 13, 2001 - 06:27 pm:

    I am a notorious perfectionist, so I know exactly what you mean. But this goes for all things I do. I have a saying: "Is it worth doing, then it´s worth doing right". Only this means the less important things in my life never gets done ;-)

    I am participating in these challenges to enjoy some time cloning and restoring which I´ve always really enjoyed (read: pushing pixels around), and because it´s not a big part of my day job as a web designer.

    And because it is very zen friendly.


    By Paulette Conlan on Saturday, June 16, 2001 - 02:58 pm:

    Working on a digital image is really akin to "being in the zone".There is a concept in psychology called "Flow" which describes a state of complete absorption and intense joy. When you are in a state of flow you lose all sense of time.I find that the effect I get spills out into other aspects of my life(even golf&tennis-it has improved my eye-hand coordination!)What I enjoy is that the process of creating is as important as the end product.Paulette

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    sould,nt that be zen in the art of retouching? lol