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  • LCD or CRT?

    Hello all

    I apologize if this question should be in the hardware forum but I really wanted you guys to answer if possible. I do a good bit of restoration work for a local gallery and I will probably need a new monitor soon. My question is (you guessed it) should I stay with a crt or buy a lcd/tft? I've read about the contrast problems with lcd’s but I’m not sure I understand it. Is it the whites/blacks that are hard to calibrate? I see a lot about contrast ratio some up to 800:1 but I’m clueless on how this fits in with photo restoration or if it matters. I don’t want to buy a lcd just to regret the purchase but the one’s I’ve seen are beautiful.

    Any recommendations or comments would be appreciated.

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    I've got one of each, but all of my colour critical work is still done on the CRT. There are some excellent LCD's around now, but they are more expensive than CRT's. If you're working on a budget, you can get a far better quality CRT than LCD for the same amount of cash. Get the best you can, as you're going to be staring at it for hours!


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      One each for me too. Color work on the CRT, LCD for palletes and general reading. I don't calibrate, just use Adobe Gamma. The LCD (500:1 contrast ratio) will simply not display all the colors my printer will print.



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        Thank you for your input. I will buy a crt.



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