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Replicating Cabinet Cards

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  • Replicating Cabinet Cards

    I'm looking for links, helps and suggestions for the recreation of 19th century 'cabinet cards' for an upcoming photo exhibit. The 6.5" X 4.25" cabinet card was a standard for presentation in the mid to late 1800's and I'd like to simulate that technique to present a selection of reenactment photos (staged to look like the same time period). The cabinet cards will eventually be framed in shadow box frames but I want the physical 'cards' to which the photos will be mounted to appear to be of period origin.

    I'm looking for information regarding the availability of appropriate card stocks and mounting techniques for this effort. (If anyone knows of a stockpile of old unused cabinet cards that would be even more intriging.) I have considered purchasing an embossing and cutting die at a local letterpress shop and having the cards mass produced to fit my needs.

    What brand of heavyweight card stock is available (coated, antique white) that will replicate a 'cabinet card' and where can it be purchased?

    The photos I will be mounting are sepia toned prints from an Epson 2200 printed on satin gloss 'photo type' paper.

    What is the best mounting technique for this ink & paper?

    I realize this approach may be achivally inferior to contemporary mounting and presentation techniques but I feel it is the best approach for this specific show.

    Any thoughts, suggestions or alternatives will be very much appreciated.

    Thanks! Opa

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    Probably a spray adhesive mount, heat pressing does really nasty things to Epson inks. Do a scratch test on the surface of the paper, some surfaces mar easier than others. You may find you need a cover sheet when setting the print.


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      Perhaps you could simply scan a few existing cards, insert your photos in place of the existing photo, and print them at 6.5" X 4.25"? Then it really wouldn't matter what you mounted them on.
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